Body Wisdom 

4 Steps in 4 Months 
For A Lifetime Of Health

Achieve vibrant health so you can look great, feel amazing, and live a life you love.

Body Wisdom 

4 Steps in 4 Months 
For A Lifetime Of Health

Achieve vibrant health so you can look great, feel amazing, and live a life you love.

This is YOUR life. Make it your best.

This 4-month experience is for motivated women (like you!) who are ready for expert guidance on what steps to take for their health. 

Where You Are: 

  • Confused and overwhelmed to the point of being paralyzed by the flood of available health information - you simply want a strategy that works, with an expert to guide you along the way.
  • ​You want better health fast — without wasting time, money or energy doing it on your own or with the wrong person guiding you.
  • ​You desire to gain control over your health destiny — and master the skills to solve basic health problems yourself, so you’re not sitting at your doctor’s office for every problem that arises.
  • ​Perhaps you are a health professional who wants to gain confidence in guiding clients through supplementation, blood sugar monitoring and the elimination diet for wild success and happy testimonials.

Where You Want To Be: 

  • Abundant energy and strength to do the things you love
  • ​Better sleep to feel and be more vibrant
  • ​Glowing clear skin for your best face forward
  • Ideal body shape through whole-body health
  • Balanced hormones and a happy gut for a clear and calm mind
  • ​Mastery of key skills to keep your results for life

The Steps We Take To Get There, Together:

  • STEP 1. Take core supplements (and discover those for your personalized needs)
  • STEP 2. Monitor and balance your blood sugar & hormones (by eating smart, not less)
  • STEP 3. Eliminate food sensitivities (so you can eat the food your body loves)
  • STEP 4. Introduce health-boosting habits (that you can easily fit into your busy day)


An in-depth 4-month hormone and gut health 
promotion program led by a Wholistic Medical Doctor

What's Included
In Body Wisdom you will undertake 4 Key Steps: 

🗝 A personalized diet plan (that tastes delicious and won’t leave you feeling deprived)

🗝 Key supplement recommendations to support your body for faster healing

🗝 Blood sugar monitoring for all-day energy

🗝 Weekly Zoom sessions that focus on building foundational knowledge and providing custom support (live attendance optional and encouraged)

🗝 Access to all of the recording replays in case you miss a session

🗝 Step-by-step workbooks so you know exactly what to do next

🗝 A weekly tracker to document your body's food reactions and track your progress
How It Works
We will be meeting live via Zoom weekly during the Program. Each Key Step will be undertaken over 2-4 weeks, with each step broken down into 'powerful baby steps'.

There will be built-in Laser Q&A sessions with me so that you get all of your questions answered as we perform the Steps together with full clarity and confidence.  

There will also be intermittent Integration Weeks where you get time 'off' live sessions to catch up on any Body Wisdom to-dos - yay! You'll have access to a private Body Wisdom FB group where you can ask your questions in between sessions for more custom support and accountability from myself and other Body Wisdom members.

Results, Results, Results! 
With Body Wisdom, you’ll finally be able to:

🌿 Dramatically boost your energy, gain control over your food cravings and banish nighttime awakenings by learning to balance your blood sugar.

🌿 Sustainably achieve your ideal body shape through whole-body health.

🌿 Successfully balance your hormones. Depending on your life stage, this will either normalize your menstrual cycle, support natural fertility or create an enjoyable menopause!

🌿 Eat smart, not less — enjoy a deliciously nutritious and personalized diet for your gut and hormone health, without feeling restricted or deprived! 

🌿 Improve your sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed and energized! 

🌿 Feel the relief that comes from knowing that your daily habits are supporting and not sabotaging your health.
Let me introduce myself... I'm Dr. Patricia!

A Canadian Medical Doctor, Women's Health Expert, Functional Medicine Practitioner, published author, and internationally recognized researcher.

Despite eating what I thought was a healthy diet and exercising regularly...

I was suffering from so many different health issues! Among them were - painful heavy periods, uterine fibroids, acne, dermatitis, infertility, low mood (with irritability and anxiousness), gut health disturbances, AND I struggled to regain my ideal body shape.

After becoming totally fed up, I used my keen research skills and went beyond what was taught in my medical training to discover the essential health wisdom I feel that all women need to truly thrive.
I applied my findings to my own life (and health), and the results were nothing short of amazing! 

Now my life is full of ease and flow. My body feels and looks good, I awaken full of energy that lasts throughout the day, I sleep deeply, my menstrual cycles normalized, I had 2 healthy boys naturally, and my mood and weight are now effortlessly stable because I know how to manage my stress response and eat for better hormone balance & gut health. 

I have also successfully taught women going through peri-menopause & menopause, and who are post-menopausal how to naturally support their hormones! 

And now I'm going to teach you how to achieve all of this, and put it into action, too! 
Dr. Patricia, can Whole-Body Health truly be achieved? 
In a word: YES!

In this powerful group-based program, you’ll acquire the essential knowledge and skills to integrate strategic lifestyle shifts and targeted supplements into your daily life that will support the 4 Pillars of Whole-Body Health, including: 

🌿 Stress Response
🌿 Hormone Balance
🌿 Gut Health
🌿 Toxins Tolerance that you can THRIVE in all aspects of your life - finances, family, friends, and fun! (while feeling and looking radiantly healthy!)
BODY WISDOM 4-Month Group Program
Why Blood Sugar Monitoring? All-day Energy & Hormone Balancing!
Monitoring your blood sugar is an incredibly powerful tool to dramatically boost your energy by eating for blood sugar balance

Learn the foods your body needs, the ones to avoid, and how to time out your meals so you can reduce cravings and feel energized all day long. 

I will teach you how to interpret and respond to your blood sugar measurements nutritionally so that you know exactly what to do with your food plan.

When you balance your blood sugars you balance your hormones - and if you don't understand this concept yet, you soon will with the specially curated Learning Modules that are shared with you during the course of the program.
A Personalized Diet ~ For Whole-Body Health
A guided Elimination Diet is an important tool for identifying your unique food sensitivities so you can eat the foods your body loves!

You’ll be provided with all of the resources you need to complete the Elimination Diet, including over 30 simply delicious recipes your family will love.

Plus, a Weekly Tracker you can use to document your body's food reactions and track your progress for success, and learn how to make adjustments to your diet on the fly. 

When combined with blood sugar monitoring, this will be a crucial time when we will truly hone in on what your body needs to jumpstart its whole-body health
Online Platforms For Body Wisdom Resources & Supplements
You will have access to all of the recordings and resources via my online platform, Practice Better.

Also, finding good quality and well priced supplements can be time consuming, which is why I partnered with Fullscript, an online supplement ordering system where I keep a List of Favorite Supplements. If you live in the U.S. of Canada, You can use this platform to source your supplements from the comfort of your home AND with a 10% discount! (if you don't live in North America, the List provides you with great guidance on which supplements to source - this is all about making the Body Wisdom experience smooth, easy and enjoyable) 

Additional Special features:
✔️ Access to Fullscript, a specialized online supplement order and delivery company to make your supplement purchases easier and more affordable.

✔️ Enrolment into the Body Wisdom members-only Facebook group for between session questions, fun shares, such as delicious healthy recipes, meal prep tips, natural beauty routines, and a sisterhood that will celebrate your health wins and support you on your health journey! 

✔️ Access to the Body Wisdom Library of curated resources including plenty of tasty, simple-to-make recipes, food swaps, Body Wisdom-approved list of packaged foods, a regularly updated Health Topic Library for easy health topic-specific searches of all educational videos & podcasts.

✔️ Convenient access through the online program platform: Practice Better, which is accessible via computer and phone app!


This is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Put aside an hour a week for your empowered health transformation.
  • ​Prioritize YOUR health, so that you can live a life you love.
  • ​​Purchase a 3 month supply of blood sugar monitoring tools and core supplements. 
  • ​Be fascinated with your body’s response to food (even ‘healthy’ ones!) through insights from your blood sugar monitoring.
  • ​Experience many ‘aha’ moments during our group information and Q&A sessions.
  • ​Feel amazing when you finally get your eating, supplements & habits right for your unique body!

This is not for you if you: 

  • Cannot prioritize your health for 4 months of your (hopefully long!) life.
  • ​Are not ready to make changes to what you are eating and drinking for the sake of better health. 
  • ​Are not interested in using a blood sugar monitor (either the traditional finger-prick method or the continuous glucose monitor, CGM)
  • ​Do not want to invest in a 3 month supply of blood sugar monitoring tools and core supplements.

Your most Frequently Asked Questions...
"If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness."
- Anonymous
What exactly will be covered in Body Wisdom? And, how will this support my Whole-Body Health, specifically, if it's actually a GROUP PROGRAM? 
Great question! With the foundational use of personalized supplements, the doctor-led Elimination Diet to discover your unique food sensitivities, blood sugar monitoring to balance your hormones, and strategically optimizing daily habits, I will show you proven (and surprisingly effective!) strategies to: 

- Personalize nutrition and target supplements 
- Repair digestion and support detoxification
- Regulate blood sugar for hormonal balance 
- Optimize sleep for whole body rejuvenation
- Eat and move strategically, aligned with natural rhythms

While we are going through (and implementing) each of these strategies as a group, you will have plenty of opportunities for custom support through the Laser Q&A Sessions and Private FB Group.
Will I get ALL of my questions answered?
The answer is yes - absolutely! With the weekly LIVE sessions, you'll be able to attend as much or as little as you need in order to get all of your questions answered.

If you can't attend a LIVE session and have questions that you need answered, you can share them with Dr. Patricia through the Private Facebook Group and she will make sure your questions are answered. 

You'll have access to all of the recordings while you're enrolled in Body Wisdom through the online platform Practice Better so you can watch the replays at your convenience, and if you want to review the information & resources provided.
When are the LIVE sessions and what is the time commitment? 
We’ll be meeting together usually on Tuesdays for one hour at 12pm PT (3pm ET).  There will be intermittent Integration Weeks where there will be a week with no live session; this week is protected time off to review and integrate your new skills, and catch up on any Body Wisdom to-dos. 

You will receive the detailed schedule once you register for the Program; during the 4 months I highly recommend you protect these Tuesday time slots for the Sessions as well as the Integration Week, as this is protected time to review the information and integrate your skills. 

The LIVE sessions are OPTIONAL as you can watch the replay recordings on your own time, however I highly recommend that you attend regularly in order to get the most out of this experience and be able to ask your questions live.
What if I have to miss a session? 
If you're unable to attend a live session - not to worry! All sessions will be recorded for your group, for you to watch in case you have to miss or review at a later time.

All session recordings and handouts will be uploaded into Practice Better (accessible online via desktop or mobile phone app) so you can easily catch up with anything you missed.
What kind of support can I expect outside of the LIVE sessions?
You’ll be able to connect with me and your powerful Body Wisdom community in the private Facebook Group. These women will become your best supporters and cheerleaders as you walk this journey together.
How long do I have access to this course?
You will have long-term access to the Body Wisdom recordings and handouts.
Is this program targeted to a specific age group, background, identification, and/or women's health condition?
Quick answer: No! Absolutely not.

This program is for you if you desire whole-body health, if you're frustrated with your lack of results so far, and you're motivated to make the changes required to get the results you desire - and deserve! (Do you know how much I love action takers?!)

I crave to have a diverse group of women, different ages, life experiences, and perspectives. This ensures that the LIVE sessions are full of powerful learning moments, as we all have something to offer and we all can learn and benefit from the collective experience. 

Historically we hung out together in a "tribe", and once you experience this kind of magic, you’ll wonder why we ever stopped.
When does the next Body Wisdom start? 
The next Body Wisdom Program starts January 2024. There are a limited number of spots available so reserve yours now. Be sure to get on the waitlist! 👇👇👇
Medical Disclaimer: This program is for educational purposes only, and participation is at your own risk.
Participating in the Body Wisdom program does not create a doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Patricia Mills, MD.
There will be no diagnosis or treatment of any disease, and no medical advice will be given.
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