• ​Hormone Imbalances
  • Gut Health Issues
  • Food Cravings

- Learn what's causing your hormones to be unbalanced and why you're feeling 'off'.
- Learn the most effective way to rebalance your hormones so you start to feel well and energized.
- Learn how to nourish your food cravings, and what these cravings are REALLY telling you.
- Get the whole-body health you deserve!

Dr. Patricia Mills, MD

Medical Doctor with a different spin on women's health

Are you tired of struggling to understand your body and hormones, and have to deal with:
  • Acne, skin rashes, weight gain, hair loss, and hormone imbalances?
  • PMS, irregular, heavy and painful periods, infertility, and hot flashes?
  • ​Bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and acid reflux?
  • Irritability, anxiety, low mood, insomnia, fatigue, and brain fog?
  • ​Stress, burnout, frequent infections, allergies, adrenal, and thyroid dysfunction?
Learn how to naturally rebalance your hormones, 
manage your cravings, and snack healthier by 
downloading my free e-book.
With this e-book, you will acquire lifestyle tips and life-changing knowledge, including:
  • Four reasons your hormones become unbalanced
  • Four reasons you experience food cravings
  • Four tips to naturally re-balance your hormones and nourish your cravings
  • Four simple and delicious recipes, so you can feel truly satisfied and eat food your body loves 

Wholistic MD.

 Medical Doctor with a different spin on women's health
My friends call me Patti, my vivacious boys call me Mama, my clients and patients call me Dr. Patricia. 

I’m a Canadian Medical Doctor, Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and a Functional Medicine practitioner.

I am also a published author, internationally recognized researcher, and passionate advocate for women’s empowered health transformation. I absolutely love exploring the intersection between research-backed science and ancient wisdom!

I’m committed to using all of my skills to provide motivated women (like you!) with the knowledge and support you need to thrive on your health journey.

This research-backed wisdom will ALSO help you:
  • ​Personalize your nutrition, improve your digestion, and boost your immunity
  • Master how to balance your hormones, effortlessly detoxify, and fall quickly into rejuvenating deep sleep
  • ​Achieve mental clarity, build resilience to stress, and cultivate a positive mindset 

Click below to download my free E-book and 
 tap into your inner wisdom to take back control of your health!

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